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Topics: Family, Marriage, Wedding Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Happiness is one word that can explain a lot: happiness in emotion or feeling, happiness in celebration. There are many words that tie in to “happiness.” Three years ago our family celebrated my sister's Tata wedding to a man named Maxim. This was a memorable event in my life.

A celebration in a family gives pleasure to all the Members of the family. Friends and relatives also attend the occasion and share the pleasure. Pleasure multiplies when there is a wedding in the family. I drew immense pleasure when the marriage ceremony of my sister was held. It was performed on 23rd of May. We had not seen any marriage celebration in our family beforehand. My sister was the first child to be married in the family. Her marriage was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Preparations for the marriage started two month before the celebration. My parents and my uncle and aunt spent a whole week making necessary purchases. The whole house was color washed. The doors were republished. Our house looked like a bride. Many kinds of gold ornaments were bought for my sister. Several clothes were also purchased for all the family members and relatives. My sister herself chose clothes for her. Invitation cards were printed and were sent to friends and relatives. There was a great excitement and joy among us to see the preparations for the wedding celebration in our family, Decorations were made on the day before the marriage ceremony. A shrine was prepared for the celebration. It was also decorated with amazing flowers. The canopy above the shrine was made of colored cloths. Another big canopy was put up in the open ground in front of our house. An electrician with his four assistants decorated the closed space with a number of multi-colored flowers and plants. The garden was meant for the marriage feast.The tables were covered with white sheets of cloth. On one side chairs were arranged for the guests. Sweets were made and kept for the guests. The feast on the date of marriage was...
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