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Topics: Wedding, White wedding, Dresses Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Siyi Lin
Erin Frederickson
EAPP 1500
November 7, 2012
Wedding in China Now and Past
A handsome gentleman stands in the center. When the door suddenly opens, the music is playing. All of guesses attract the attention and look back. Gradually, a beautiful young lady wearing a long white dress and an old man come in, followed by some little girls who are strewing some roseleaves. All eyes were on them. Do you have some ideas about this scene? Yes, it’s a wedding. Actually, as the time goes by, wedding in Chine has been changing a lot from my parents’ generation to my generation, such as the bride wedding dresses, wedding decorations and honeymoon. There are several differences in bride wedding dresses. The wedding dresses in my parents’ generation are old fashion. All of dresses look like same, white and long, and no more decorations. What’s worse, my mother rent her wedding dress since the price of it was too high to afford it in the 1980’s China. By contrast, the wedding dresses are much more fashion and cheaper in my generation. There are hundreds of styles, such as classic elegance, princess and traditional Chinese red Cheongsam. My elder sister Cherry, for example, owned three types of wedding dresses and changed them in her ceremony. Next, wedding decorations of the ceremony are different in two generation. My parent’s wedding ceremony had a kind of sweet dessert which is made by rice. What’s more, there were much paper-cutting which is 囍. This character was popular in wedding because each half on the symbol is the standard character for happiness. On the other hand, these things no longer exist now. In my sister’s wedding ceremony, there was a huge cream cake and many large bouquets of flower on tables. Most of flower are lilies because the word, lily, sounds like “bai he”, which means happy union for a hundred year in Mandarin. In addition, the two generations differ in honeymoon. Due to some historical reason of China, in that time my parents only...
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