My Dream Wedding

Topics: Color, White, Petal Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The theme that I dream to marry later time, if possible, I wanted a modern concept. I mean I do not want to look like too laden and very formal. After that I want to view for relaxing and guests who come later will be surprised and say the word "WOW!" or "OMG! SO BEAUTIFUL! ". It's not easy to shock people with new views when they set the wedding site.

I want a wedding being held at the Flower Garden so that everyone can experience the beauty and pleasure that is in the park. It's like the concept of marriage-like style in the garden. Every corner of my wedding day I want all decorated with beautiful flowers. Later on the dais that, I want it decorated with a mix of fresh flowers. I want to use colors that stand out like color flowers Pink + Cream + Blue / Turquoise. After that I will add more to the furry carpet decoration. Like a fluffy carpet and white. Parts of the table, I'll provide a table for the important people like my friends and other people. That's on the table and I'll keep posted signs stating "VIP ONLY" so that later people that I would not invite dizziness where he sits and easy for me to see and greet you all. I like this way because it is organized and very systematic. I guarantee it will run smoothly without a very complicated problem. My wedding park concept, on the table so that I would put fresh flowers in a vase to make it more attractive and relaxing.

Part I will choose a wedding cake cupcakes because it really matches the concept of the garden. I would choose a soft color like the color "PINK" because it will brighten a soft and romantic atmosphere. And it is right decorated with fresh flowers on the edge of the cake. Because the wedding would not be complete without cake deduction event. On the dais I want it to look contemporary without laden with things that are not needed. The choice of color should be light color such as color White / Cream and Pink. Seat selection, I want to kind of high chairs because seats short if I may...
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