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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 6 (2077 words) Published: November 26, 2012

The beginning at the Atlantic coast of Northern America was necessary to English possession in 1607.v When first of colonies – Virginia has been based. Its founders were merchants from the London trading company. On the courts the company transported in a colony of poor men, sold itself is temporary in debt servitude and worked in a colony under supervision of inspectors of the company. For ocean from England the puritans oppressed by government Stewart directed, the poor men who are looked for in New World of improvement of the  fate. In colonies they got in servitude to merchants and the large land owners who have received the letters from king on the grounds in America. One step at a time at the Atlantic coast from the grounds grasped at Indians 13 colonies were formed. In the south – in South Carolina and Georgia the slaveholding facilities has developed. On plantations cultivated tobacco, a sugar cane, indigo. Characteristic feature grower facilities was injurious use of the grounds quickly lost the fertility then plantations were transferred on other seats. This feature of a slaveholding facilities and pursuit of a profit pushed planters to continuous expansion of territory of colonies. Import of Negros – slaves in a colony has begun quickly increased.

In the middle Atlantic colonies – Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey – wheat was cultivated. The part of the ground belonged to large proprietors – to the aristocrats leased it to small farmers, paid for it the rent. Here was also independent farmers much. In seaside cities crafts, shipbuilding developed. In the North – in New England covered colonies New-  Hampshire Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, handicraftsmen and manufactories was even more. The Major part of the population was engaged in fishing and navigation. England and its possession used a monopoly of commerce with colonies. Turns of this commerce quickly increased. From colonies the furs, tobacco were taken out to England, indigo, a fish, a wood and iron. Manufacture of iron was officially forbidden by the English government, but colonies did not reckon with these interdictions. To West Indies were taken out bread, a fish and other goods. Despite of distinction in social attitudes between separate colonies, their general characteristic feature there was a fast progress of initial capitalist accumulation and the bourgeois attitudes interwined with slaveholding in the south. Progress of colonies at all was not peace idyll.

In a basis of territorial expansion of colonies in the West capture of the American Indian grounds, destruction and replacement of Indians in the remote areas laid. Wars with Indians differed cruelty and barbarity. Colonists seats exterminated all American Indian population, tortured and burnt captives. Merchants for nothing exchanged at Indians dear beaver skins and other furs, accustomed to drinking vodka and set American Indian tribes against each other. In the favourable way of initial accumulation served slave trading. Merchants of New England conducted so-called " triangular commerce " – bought treacle in West Indies, processed it in rum and for rum, cheap fabrics and knickknacks exchanged slaves – Negros at slave-traders, engaged the armed robbery and capture of Negros at coast of Africa. Usually not less than thirds of Negros perished from illnesses during transportation through ocean, and the others were exposed to brutal operation on plantations. Sharp social contradictions developed and among the white population of colonies. The major part of white immigrants many years was in debt slavery at merchants and large agrarian proprietors, the agrarian aristocracy aspired to spread in colonies feudal attitudes, inalienability and transfer to an indivisible condition of manors by right of succession to the senior son, nobiliary titles...
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