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Topics: Bed, Sleep, Rooms Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: February 27, 2012
My Quiet Place

After a year of living in our small two bedroom house we decided that we needed to add another bedroom. We had made all the decisions of what we wanted it to look like such as the size of the room, the size of the closet and what we what kind of mood the atmosphere would give us. I wanted the room to feel welcoming, warm and cozy, like sitting next to a warm fireplace on a cold snowy night. I wanted to call this room my quiet space where I can relax, read, and be big enough to hold all of our belongings. I wanted a room to hide away from the screaming children, which was my main goal. After we built the room it was big enough to hold two dressers, a king size bed, a TV, night stands, and laundry baskets on the floor that consisted of clean clothes that needed to be put away. This new bedroom also has a walk in closet that held not only my many outfits and shoes but my boyfriend’s clothes and blankets and boxes full of pictures and memories. Memories filled with our children’s pictures they drew, report cards and those embarrassing pictures that parents keep to show their children’s spouse when they get older. The we painted the walls green. The same color of the military uniform that a solider might wear. It is supposed to give you a calming and secure feeling, that’s what the lady at the paint store told me. Once it was on the wall I fell in love with the vibrant, and warm color and now it surrounds me as I sleep. All the walls are bare still except for the small section above my bed that hangs a sign with the phrase “always kiss me goodnight”. I put it there as a reminder how important it is to embrace your loved ones every night before going to bed. As you walk into my bedroom the sight of a folded treadmill that is not being used to its full potential sits right in plain sight. It’s folded up in the corner like an abandoned puppy at an animal shelter. It sits there being used as a storage area for clothes at the moment. The...
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