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Topics: Malay language Pages: 6 (958 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Kelas Reguler Pagi dan Sore
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris I
: Restu Arini, S.Pd.
: Semua Prodi
Hari/Tanggal : Senin, 19 Nopember 2012 (Reg Sore)
Selasa, 20 Nopember 2012 (Reg Pagi)
: Take-Home Test
Read the instruction carefully
You are going to make video on your oral performance for Mid Test Project. The videos are based on the four topics we have discussed in classroom meeting (see the explanation in the box). The video can be made by using any recording media such as hand phone, handy cam, camera, etc which then should be compiled in one CD. You have got about 3 to 10 minutes to present each topic. Label your CD with your name, student number, and major. You are to submit the CD on the exam date. Read the explanation below of how you make t his project: Topic 1

: Introducing Yourself

You must introduce yourself by mentioning the following things in your video; Introduce

Your Name/Surname; describe Your Education Background; describe Your Competency; Describe Your Prospective Career; Describe Your Hobby, Your family, things you are doing and etc. You are allowed to add more information in order to make your vide o more interesting.

Please go to these links to get better idea about how to deal with this topic: oRzg&feature=autoplay&list=PLA7C7BF7961EB4606&playnext=2

Topic 2

: Description of People
Read a biography book about famous people/group of people of any kind of professions (the person you are chosen might be an athlete, a musician, a comedian, a politician or even activists). The book can be written in English or in Bahasa Indonesia. An article taken from internet is not acceptable. Having finished reading the book you must make a description about him/her/them, in the following ways:

 The physical appearance
 The quality of the person using P-M-I Chart (see tool #1) Plus = you are about telling the quality of the person from the positive or good side. Minus = you are to discuss the person’s bad points.

Interesting = you are to reveal the things or personality which made this person interesting, in other word his/her charisma or charm.
Use the P-M-I Chart as a guideline to make your summary on the biography book you read. In the video, you do not have to show me the P-M-I Chart. You will be scored based on certain requirement (see Scoring Rubric #1) Please go to these links to get better idea about how to deal with this topic:



Topic 3

: Description of Object
Choose an object of the following category:

Furniture /Kitchen tools / Electronic Stuff s/ Vehicles / Office Equipments/Music Instruments
Make a description on the object you choose. Give as detail information as possible. Go to these link to have clear idea about this topic:

Topic 4

: Description of Place
Choose two places to describe. The first is your hometown or place where you were born or place where you grew up. The second will be the place you are eager to visit. Here you may describe a specific place related to your dream or ambition. For example; you have a plan to continue study after finishing your bachelor degree. You wish to be accepted in Harvard University, therefore, you may explain about Harvard University.

Tool #1: P-M-I Chart (for description of people)...
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