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 | 1. The departmental store provides all facilities under one roof to enable the customer to by all his requirements. 2. The central location attracts a good number of customers which increases the sales turnover. 3. Large variety of goods is stored. This has a special appeal to the customers. 4. The financial strength of departmental store enables it to have experts in all sections. 5. Centralized buying helps them to get merchandise at lower cost together with advantages in transporting, storing etc. More Notes on  ADVANTAGES OF DEPARTMENTAL STORES | | CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION|

 | The third element in marketing mix is to find out appropriate ways through which goods are to be made available to the markets. It is a management function and a decision in the matter is required to be taken before the commercial production is undertaken. The entire function of getting goods into the hands of the consumer is often referred to as distribution. In its broadest sense this function includes transportation as well as the middlemen who handle the goods and help to transfer title to the goods. The term channel of distribution is used to denote the middlemen engaged in moving goods form place of production to the used to denote the be middlemen engaged in moving goods form place of production to the place of consumption. This is inaccurate and unwise. This is in fact is a 'channel' through which goods are made to move as smoothly as possible to the desired places. In other words, the route through which goods move form the place of production to the place of consumption is termed as 'channel of distribution'.

Channels of distribution are the means employed by manufacturers and sellers to get their products to market and into the hands of users. Channels are management tools used to move goods form production to consumption, they are means by which title to goods is transferred form sellers to buyers. The process of transferring title is not so simple especially in present day markets that are characterized by heterogeneity on both the demand and the supply sides. This means that there is a wide variety of goods produced for sale, while on the other side, there are highly varied and complex desires of consumers.

Marketing, as seen earlier, creates various utilities to the products. Most of these utilities are, in fact, created by performing the function of physical distribution promptly and efficiently. Channels of distribution help to move goods form one place to another, hence they add place utility. They bring goods to the consumer when the consumer wasts them, hence they add time utility also. They bring the goods to the consumer in convenient shape, unit, size, style and package; hence they add convenience value. They make it possible for the consumer to obtain goods at a price he is willing to pay, and under conditions which bring him satisfaction and pride of ownership, hence they add possession value. More Notes on  CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION | | CONSUMER MARKETING|

 | The consumer market is the sum-total of all the goods and services purchased in a given period by all the inhabitants of given country or section for the satisfaction of their consumption needs. The consumer market actually consists of four components:1. People 2. Purchasing power

3. Need for a specific product
4. Willingness to fill the with a given product.

The factor 'people' requires some explanation. It is true that very often markets are quoted,”markets are people”. All the people do not constitute market and the people without ability to bye should be exclude from the 'people'. For example, in India, we have a vast population but the whole population does not constitute 'market' simply because a vast majority does not have the ability to buy. It is also stated that the whole people in India or China do not purchase in one year what the people of new York alone purchase.

The second...
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