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Topics: Competitor analysis, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 4 (410 words) Published: October 15, 2014

Arimount Survive Deodorant
MBA 5501 – Advanced Marketing
Dr. Jan Tucker

Arimount’s Survive Deodorant
I have chosen Arimount as the company and will focus on developing a market plan for the product called Survive for Women. Arimount’s Survive Deodorant is a new deodorant product that will for up to 5 days, even with showering. SWOT Analysis

There are several key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing Arimount as they begin working on marketing their new product Survive. Strengths of Arimount
Arimount is a well-known beauty and grooming company. Arimount has years of experience in the hygiene market which gives them insight in the industry. Weaknesses of Arimount
Arimount will have to go against strong standing companies such as Proctor & Gamble’s Secret, Unilever’s Dove and Adidas’s Action 3. Also, a long lasting deodorant could mean a higher price which can drive away some of the market. Opportunities of Arimount

Arimount has the opportunity to come out with a deodorant that last 5 days which is over twice as long as their leading competitors Proctor & Gambles’ Secret Outlast, Unilever’s Dover Clear Tone, and Adidas’ Action 3 Intensive. Arimount can also work on creating fragrant deodorants for women with sensitive skin. Threats of Arimount

Arimount will be going against competitions already in the market. Secret Outlast Invisible Solid, Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew, and Adidas Action 3 Intensive all offer 48 hours of odor protection. Another threat for Arimount is a seasonal threat because deodorant tends to be used more in the hotter months and less in the cooler months which can affect Arimounts financial standing. Competitor Analysis

Arimount’s top 3 competitors include Proctor & Gamble’s Secret Outlast invisible solid, Unilever’s Dove Clear Tone Skin Renewal, and Adidas’ Action 3 Intensive. Conclusion
Through the rest of this course, I will work on creating a marketing plan for Arimount’s new deodorant...

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