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Outline Form:
It is the perimeter of tooth preparation in width, length and depth dimensions.

i. Occlusal surface of posterior teeth
ii. Occlusal 2/3rd of Facial & Lingual surfaces of posterior teeth iii. Lingual surfaces of anterior teeth
i. Mortise Shape
Inverted Cone Shape Mortise
Box Shape Mortise
Mortise shape defines that each wall and floor is in form of a flat plane, meeting each other at definite line and point angles. It is the most accessible type of shape.
Facial Groove
Lingual Groove
Mesial Marginal Ridge*
Distal Marginal Ridge*
*Step short of Marginal Ridge Crest

Eliminate all defective tooth structures
Eliminate unsupported Enamel
Width of any portion of cavity (mesiodistally/buccolingually) should be at least 1.5mm All line and point angles should be rounded but definite
Resistance Form:
It is the shape & placement of preparation walls that best enable both the restoration & tooth to withstand, without fracture, masticatory forces delivered principally in long axis of tooth. Box shape

Smooth & Flat Pulpal floor
Parallel Walls
Mesial/Distal walls should be divergent: 2 to 5 degrees
Diverge slightly pulpo-occlusally in buccal & lingual groove extensions Rounded internal angles
Depth= 0.5mm into dentine (DEJ 0.5mm)
Cavosurface angle:
The angle formed by the junction of the wall of a prepared tooth cavity with the external surface of the tooth. It should be from 90⁰ to 110⁰

Retention Form:
Enamel margins should be prepared at a right obtuse angle
Buccal/Lingual walls should be convergent: 2 to 5 degrees
Converge slightly pulpo-occlusally in areas of triangular ridge Convenience Form:
It facilitates & provides sufficient visibility, accessibility & ease of instrumentation in preparing and restoring the teeth. Proper refinement of the line and point angles is sufficient to produce the necessary convenience form Insertion...

References: -Art & Science of Operative Dentistry 5th edition
-Operative Dentistry by Marzouk
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