Chapter 11

Topics: Teeth, Canine tooth, Maxillary central incisor Pages: 4 (706 words) Published: September 29, 2013
Kendra Hall
Laurie Willis
Chapter 11

Short-Answer Questionss

1. The size and shape of teeth determine their functions because primary teeth are different shape and size of adult teeth, so they do different things, and aren’t able to do as much work as adult teeth. 2. Incisors: Incisors are designed to cut food without using heavy force. The tongue side is shaped like a shovel to guide food into the mouth. Canines: Canines are designed for cutting and tearing foods, which needs force. Premolars: Premolars have a flat biting surface, they tear and crush food. Molars: Molars are used mainly to chew and grind up food

3. The facial surface is the surface closest to the face.
The Labial surfaces are the facial surfaces closest to the lips. Buccal surfaces are facial surfaces that are closest to the inner cheek. The term facial can be substituted for labial and buccal.
The Lingual surface is the surface of mandibular and maxillary teeth that are closest to the tongue. The Palatal surface is near the plate The Masticatory Surface is the chewing surface. The incisal surface is on the anterior teeth, and the occlusal surface on the posterior teeth. The Mesial surface is the surface of the tooth toward the midline. The distal surface is the surface of the tooth distant from the midline. The proximal surface is when the teeth are adjacent to each other in the arch. The area between the adjacent teeth is called Interproximal space. 4. Incisors: Incisors are single-rooted teeth with a relatively sharp, thin edge. They are placed in the front of the mouth. Canines: Canines are also knows as cuspids and are located at the corner of the arch. The canines are the longest teeth in the human dentition, and are also some of the most stable teeth because they have the longest roots. Canines are usually the last tooth that you will lose. Premolars: There are four maxillary and mandibular premolars. Premolars are a mix between canines and molars. Primary...
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