denmark wastewater treatment

Topics: Sewage treatment, Wastewater, Water pollution Pages: 3 (671 words) Published: February 6, 2015
Soria, Megan M.
Echavia, Vernadette Olympiad T.
Caritan, Jessel Therese C.
Partron, Kathryn C.
Rejuso, Mark Arthur V.
Abangan, Melanie

Wastewater treatment in Denmark
A constructed wetland or wetpark is an artificial wetland created as a new or restored habitat for native and migratory wildlife, for anthropogenic discharge such as wastewater, stormwater runoff, or sewage treatment, for land reclamation after mining, refineries, or other ecological disturbances such as required mitigation for natural areas lost to a development. Two types

1. Horizontal flow
2. Vertical flow

Horizontal flow
The initial design of the Danish constructed wetland systems was copied from the German design and recommendations. The Danish EPA guidelines regarding Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands state that they can fulfil class O, meaning that Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetlands are accepted as a wastewater treatment solution, in places where only the removal of organic matter is needed.

Vertical flow
The Vertical Flow constructed Wetlands were constructed according to the Danish construction guidelines and consist of one meter deep sand-filled (specific sand granulometry) planted beds (with Phragmitesaustralis) with a surface area of around 3m2. The Danish EPA guidelines approve the system as an SO class meaning that are effective removing organic matter and nitrifying.

Phragmites, the common reed, is a large perennial grass found in wetlands throughout temperate and tropical regions of the world. Concept: phytoremediation water treatment
Waste water from lavatories and greywater from kitchens is routed to an underground septic tank-like compartment where the solid waste is allowed to settle out. The water then trickles through a constructed wetland or artificial reed bed, where bioremediation bacterial action on the surface of roots and leaf litter removes some of the nutrients in biotransformation. The water is then suitable for...
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