The Marvel of Early Roman Technological and Engineering Advances

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Running Header: Roman technological and engineering

The marvel of early Roman technological and engineering advances HIS103: World Civilizations
January 6, 2013

Roman technological and engineering

The marvel of early Roman technological and engineering advances

Rome is a city in Italy that has always been a source of great innovation and incredible advances in areas of technology and engineering. A city that originated from such humble beginnings soon was able to transform itself into one of the most powerful empires in the world (Dunstan 2010). This transformation can be attributed mainly to Rome’s incredible ability to develop and implement many ideas that allowed the city to flourish (Dunstan 2010). These ideas included but were not limited to drainage systems, mills, and land elevations (Mahdavi 2012). Utilizing these and other advances in technology and engineering allowed Rome to become a more habitable place, and the incredible empire that Ancient Rome was. The Roman Empire originated in the Latium region in the central part of Italy (Mahdavi 2012). This region is very swampy and low lying, nestled in and amongst many hills. This fact has always made Rome very susceptible to flooding (Dunstan 2010). This frequent flooding made many areas in Rome particularly wet for most of the year (Dunstan 2010). In order for Rome to become more habitable, a solution had to found for the issue with the water. That is when the idea for the Cloaca Maxima drainage system came about. This system measured 1,600 m and drained the entire region lying between the Quirinal and Esquiline hills (Aldrete 2006). This drainage system ultimately emptied into the Tiber River through an orifice measuring 4.5 masl (Aldrete 2006). This drainage system was able to offer the land a nature flow for the water that was there and in turn it left the land drier year round (Aldrete 2006). Prior to the drainage system being Roman technological...

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