Brixton Street Wetlands

Topics: Endangered species, Water, Extinction Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Brixton Street Wetlands

The Brixton Street Wetlands is located along the roe highway. The wetlands are made up of uplands, wet flats and clay pans. The wetlands are 8m below sea level and have many varieties of plants and animals.


Riparian=wet flat

The Brixton Street Wetlands is a fair distance from Perth City but is not that far. The brixton street wetlands is located at 32°02′S 115°58′E. The wetlands are located quite close to the train line this is definitely not the best thing for the environment because of the fact that some animals could be hit by the passing train. The train can also be a disturbance to some of the wildlife causing loud noises all through the day and night.

A) The conditions of this time of the year are a wet compared to summer were just about all the water is gone from the entire wetlands but because we didn’t go to the wetlands when it was winter we had started to see what it would be like in the wetlands at summer time.

Community: the community has helped out in many ways one being setting up an organization called “Friends of Brixton Street Wetlands”. Another way the community helps out is by finding seeds and taking them home and developing them till they are seedlings and the replanting them in the wetlands. Government: one way in which the government has helped is by building the brixton street bridge in such away so that it does not conflict with the way that animals escape from bushfires and provides them with a nice way of escape.

5. Because they have lots of rare and endangered species that can be used for medicinal purposes and are a native species to Australia.

6. There are many conservation values that the brixton here are just a few * The wetlands contain many different types of vegetation * There are many different types of native wildflowers and make up for about 20% of Perth’s flora * The wetlands contain plant communities that are near extinction and need...

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