Democratic Party V Republican Party

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Democratic Party v Republican Party
There are two major political parties in America right now; the Democrats and the Republicans. Everyone knows that the Democrats are more liberal and the Republicans are more conservative but might not know what each party really stands for and how they are similar and different.

According to the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Party was “founded on conviction that wealth and privilege shouldn’t be an entitlement to rule and the belief that values of hard working families are the values that should guide us” (DNC, 2011). The Democratic Party represents America’s hard working families. They believe in justice and equality for all. The main platform for the Democrats is focused on rescuing America’s economy out of the recession. All of the current Democratic stances fall under rebuilding America’s economy for the long run and looking to the future. The Republican Party believes that we are “fortunate to live in America,” (RNC, 2011) because of the individual rights and freedoms that are available to the nation. They believe that individuals make the best decisions not the government, and that decisions should be made “close to home” (RNC, 2011) according to the Republican website- They consider themselves the “peoples party.” One of the major stances of both Democratic and Republican parties is America’s economy as well as job creation. The Democratic Party is dedicated to creating jobs for all Americans. An example of this is rebuilding roads, bridges, and railways that will not only strengthen the economy, but will also create jobs across the nation. The Recovery Act was created to support “strategic investments in health care, energy and education that are laying the groundwork to build a stronger economic foundation for the future.” (DNC, 2011). The Democratic Party also supports tax cuts to everyone, especially small businesses. Under Obama’s administration “taxes for 95% of working families”...

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