Definition of beauty

Topics: African American, Love, Beauty Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: April 17, 2014
The definition of beauty has changed over the centuries, and over time become more obscure. In the past beauty was defined by the tone of ones skin or by the size of a persons waist, but it has yet to be defined by the character of a person. Men and women alike are held up to these impossible standards that were set by society way before their time, and enforced throughout their adolescence. For example when looking at the poem “Barbie Doll” you can see how society was looking from the outside in and judging the young woman by her appearance, but what the spectators failed to see is that overtime the woman had lost who she was as an individual; she lost the things that made her unique.

But is it really societies place to try and define beauty? Should beauty even be something we tackle and try and place in a little box and say “this is what it is”? Or does beauty truly come in all shapes in sizes, therefore we as a people can not and should not try and label a person as such or as lacking thereof? Starting from a young age we are indoctrined with an idea of who we should be, and how we should dress and act. From the magazines, to the Hollywood actors and actresses all the way down to our fellow peers, there is the continuous pressure to change something about ourselves so we can one day obtain that perfection society has showed us to aim for our whole life, but this is something no one has ever achieved.

“Desiree’s Baby” perfectly embodies the horrible true tale society has gotten every single person to live out at some point. Desiree was born into a society where slavery existed and where people of African descent were looked down upon. However she was raised in a loving home where she was taught to love and embrace what it is that separates us from one another, instead of calling it unnatural like everyone else was brainwashed into believing. When Desiree matured into a young lady she met a man named Armand and feel in love with him, and she had expected...
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