What Is the True Definition of Beauty

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Beauty or Deceit
In today’s society the pressures to confirm to the things of the world is at an all-time high. The image that one portrays tells a lot about the individual for example their hygiene, morals and character. As time progress there are many different changes that occur in society such as music, style, entertainment and forms of communication. One factor that is constantly changing is the definition of beauty and the avenues people would take to be considered beautiful. What is the true definition of beauty and why does it have such a significant impact on the lives of many? Also is there even a real definition of true beauty if society’s view is frequently changing? The risks one is willing to take to attain what society claims to be beautiful is inconceivable. Despite the negative effects of what may happen to them people are still willing to take the risk. Beauty is a topic that has no rights or wrong , so what is considered to be beautiful, what are the lengths people go to to be considered beautiful and does body art add or take away from one’s beauty. Beauty is natural, taking drastic steps to acquire beauty harms the individual and body art defaces the body.

When looking back in history you see that women often times went to maximal lengths to dress and look as to what was considered to be attractive. A woman was thought of to be beautiful if she was plus sized and voluptuous. In today’s society that is not the case. In order for a woman to be recognized she has to be almost perfect one would say. Long hair, beautiful captivating eyes, flawless silky skin, proportionate sized breast, a flat stomach and the right size hips; the comparison to a Barbie doll. If one’s hair is kinky and the other is straight, does that instantaneously deem the kinky haired girl as being ugly? Everyone is created different, having unique characteristics that would set them apart from everyone else. Beauty is being able to take the features that one was created...

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