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What is The Correct Way and The Wrong Way?
What is the truth between right and wrong exactly? Lies are what can hide the real truth away; lies can make someone happy. Sure that lying is not the right way to do things, but that is only due to the way we were brought up. So if lying to someone can make them happy, why would someone want to take that happiness away? If the truth can hurt someone mentally or even physically, why would anyone want the truth? The real truth to that, to me at least, is that there is no real way of distinguishing right from wrong. The way someone perceives right and wrong is the way that they were raised. What defines the right from wrong is the way someone is brought up. For example, if two completely different children were to be raised in the exact opposite environment of each other. One raised in a loving and caring environment; then the other raised in a hated environment where drug and abuse is all round them. Throughout the years of growing up in those environments, they will eventually form their minds on what is normal. Later in their lives if asked what they thought to be right and wrong in certain questions or situations. Theoretically, they will both answer differently from each other. The one raised in a loving and caring environment will say what everyone raised in the first-world will say to certain situations. Then the one raised in the hated environment where drug and abuse is eminent would probably say the exact opposite of what everyone else would not even think of. A situation that could be asked to them would be the preferred way of handling a case of theft. The one raised in a good environment would say punishment from a court standing. While the one raised in a bad environment would possibly say punishment of extreme measures like death for example. The problem with right and wrong, like I stated before, there can be no real correct answer. My definition of right, probably agrees with mostly everyone. My...
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