Absolute Truth

Topics: Truth, Philosophy, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: December 29, 2013
The question of right and wrong has been battled for years. To many, the concept of truth is deep, confidential and indefinable. In fact, it has been said that "The discovery of truth is the sole purpose of philosophy". Clearly, we are in deep water on this topic. Some believe in absolute truth, while others believe truth is relative. I believe truth is not absolute when it comes to the names of physical things. Nevertheless, I do believe truth is absolute when it comes to moral things. Aside from those, I believe that God is absolutely true.

First, from the time someone is born to their death, every human is taught what their parents and other people from years before were taught. For example, in the society I have grew up in, the organs that I see out of are known as my eyes. In France those organs are known as yeux. Then, in Greece the same organs are known as μάτια How do we know who is right and wrong?

Second, everyone is instilled with morals. If you are taught wrong ones you still know the difference between wrong and right. Cold-blooded murder is wrong no matter who you are. Making someone that has not done wrong feel like they are scum is not right. Deep down, everyone knows that if what they do is right or if it is wrong. The world has many systems of beliefs about right and wrong, and about truth and falsehood. Each system has many defenders and many more opponents. Lastly, God the ultimate being, is absolutely true. God is the source of all truth. Our God, who is present everywhere and knows all things, has total understanding of what is real, what is right, and what is true. Everything around could not have just blew up from a microscopic spec. It was formed from the great mind of someone who knows everything. For example, the human body is too complex to just appear. As Gandhi once said “It is not given to man to know the whole Truth. His duty lies in living up to the truth as he sees it, and in doing so, to resort to the...
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