Defining Culture Clash

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American Diversity

Explain by defining and giving examples of the seven responses to culture clash, including extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, assimilation, and hegemony.

Culture clash occurs when two different cultures meet and find their ways of life or cultures in opposition. The meeting may occur through migration, colonialism or annexation. Those affected by culture clash begin to define themselves in opposition to one another. An attitude of “us vs. them” often develops. The consequences of culture clash are extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, assimilation, and hegemony. These things may occur very suddenly or gradually over a course of many years.

Extermination is the killing of members of a subordinate group. This may be done quickly through war or other forms of force or gradually though inadvertent actions. Introduction of new diseases to which the subordinate group has no immunity to or no resources to treat is one example of an inadvertent action that leads to extermination. Another is by bringing ways of life to an area that negatively affect the current way of life of the subordinate group.

Extermination occurred in the United States when European settlers arrived and had conflict with the Native Americans. There were many battles fought between settlers trying to take ownership of land that the Native Americans refused to give up. This fighting resulted in the deaths of many Native Americans and settlers. With the influx of settlers also came and increase in the demand for food. Eventually the settlers nearly destroyed the buffalo population which effectively starved many of the Native Americans.

Expulsion occurs when a dominant group forces a subordinate group to leave their homeland. Through the process of expulsion many members of the subordinate group may die. When one looks at the expulsion of Native Americans and The Trail of Tears they can see how expulsion...
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