Topics: Gender, Gender role, High tech Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Factors affecting the choice of high tech engineering majors for university women and Men in Bangladesh: According to J2, nowadays, Bangladesh has experienced a continuous increase in female enrollment in engineering. Workforce changed in a lot of sectors, since the women participated in economic activities. Subsequently, this participation increase from year to year. In a general view, women's underrepresentation in the high tech industry shows a continuous decline in the United States and Canada from 19% graduating in 1999-2000 to 12% in 2006-2007, while in Asian countries such as China, India and Bangladesh increasing (Simard, 2007). Bangladesh is a good example that women are increasing in high-tech fields. Bangladesh is the leader in Asia and Pacific region. Among the top positioning engineering and technology universities in Bangladesh in 2009, the extent of women students was nearly 20%. Consequently, current female enlistment in engineering and technology fields in Bangladesh is not just altogether higher than it was previously; it is likewise essentially higher than in numerous Western countries. The goal of the investigation is to explore the key factors influencing Bangladeshi women and men why they choose of a HTE majors. Some factors can help us to understand, why Bangladeshi students pursue high tech majors engineering and technology as a field of study. There are genders differences exist in the role of factors influencing the choice of major in higher education. According to J11, nowadays, a lot of students in the college are confident in the choice of his profession, but most of the students make an initial choice and after this change it. Although past research has plainly settled that there are numerous impacts included in a student’s decision of a business major. In addition, previous research has clearly established that there are many influences involved in a student’s choice of a business major. There some issues: Q1. What...
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