Topics: Cognition, Risk, Decision making Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: February 27, 2014

A decision is a choice that a person makes after going through hundreds of possibilities and their outcomes, it is the conclusion reached after thorough consideration. Important decisions to make are very difficult to do because they can have a toll on ones future. As we see a rise on technological advancements the world continues to seem much smaller as our minds open up to different great possibilities, and the opportunities become endless, making life changing decisions harder than before because of the many choices and alternatives we can select. Any type of decision we had made in the past whether they be good or bad shape our current reality. Often times we go blind on what thoughts are in our mind and the actions we take. With decision there comes a level of uncertainty whether it be minute or to a great level. It is because people make decisions in the face of inaccurate and incomplete information. In order to make a good decision one has to go through the process of decision making. The process of decision making is when someone analyzes the options facing them and makes a determination. The decision making process is a cognitive process that involves 5 steps in reaching decision. The first step is to identify and clarify the decision to being made. First the decision maker has to accept that there is decision to be made. The second step is to gather relevant information and to identify the other options or alternatives, and then you need to research and gather information sometimes it can be done by self-assessment, other information can be gotten from research. Next the decision maker collects or processes that helps the person to guide that decision. Through the process of collecting information the decision maker guides themselves on the different paths of action they can take. If there is no relevant information than the decision maker can create new alternative. The fourth step is when the decision maker weighs out the pros and cons of the...
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