Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper
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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper

Burgess (1998), “organizations are often structured in ways which empower a single individual or small group to make key decisions. In democratic systems, these decision makers are usually expected to obtain advice from affected parties and then make a decision which advances the interests of the whole organization while fairly resolving competing interests. Such administrative decision makers may be business owners, department heads, government officials, judges, mayors, governors, and so forth. In some cases these people derive their power from legal, political, or economic processes which are widely regarded as legitimate. In other cases the decision makers may derive their power from illegitimate processes which depend upon physical force, violence, and intimidation to maintain control” (para. 1).

Decision-making is a well planned out process with the best outcome in mind. Decisions reflect solutions to problems, so before making a decision one must recognize the need that needs to be addressed.

(Name) works at a shipyard maintaining and renovating naval ships. When her company is faced with a decision, it is very important that they make the right one. (Name) company tends to focus on the planned and executive decision-making styles these styles tend to be beneficial to the customer. The strengths of this way of decision-making process, is that the customer will always be satisfied, the company has a plan for their action and put it into work right away so they will not lose contracts because of the lack of ability to get things done. With strengths there are always weaknesses, if one is always going with what is beneficial, it may not always be safe, let alone be an expensive decision. We understand doing what makes the customer happy, but sometimes saving money or doing things a little more...

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