Debut Albums and Physical Journey

Topics: Red Sea, Lower case, Traveler Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: March 16, 2013

Topic sentence: Through facing challenges and hardship, one is able to move forward

Journey is definitely made up from challenges and hardship and through facing those challenges and hardship, one is able to move forward. There are two type of journey called physical journey and inner journey. Physical and inner journeys can result in people gaining new insights, understanding themselves and the world around them. This can be seen in Leunig’s cartoon ‘How to Get There’, the book cover ‘ the ties that bind’ and Peter Skrzynecki’s poem ‘Crossing the Red Sea’. ‘ How to Get There’ by Leunig is about a traveller’s physical journey to “an end” even it does not exist. It includes six frames of cartoon images in series that is presented as a metaphor of life. Then, in each images, the caption is added such as “ Go to the end …gate”, “ Go through the gate…horizon” ; the repetition of the word “ Go” is used like an instructions to order the traveller follow it, give him confident and encourage him not to wait to start a journey of life. The gate in the cartoon is also recognized as the symbol of a decision to go to the journey. After going through the gate, it is still not the end; the traveller has to find the answer for the question “How to get there”. However, “there” is not somewhere. It is nowhere, anywhere or maybe not exist and the traveller needs to “keep on going”. And through facing all those challenges, the traveller learns that the world around him is big and he is small but he would become bigger and stronger after passing challenges. Another text that relates to the idea of journey is the book cover ‘ the ties that bind’. ‘ the ties that bind’ is a book about six unknown Australian share their journey as they return to their homeland to find their family and culture. It has been presented in the book cover by using some language techniques. First of all, the tittle “ the ties that bind six journeys of a lifetime” is written in lower case letters...
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