Debut Albums and Joy

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Chapter 1
Beep…Beep. My alarm clock blares for attention but I roll over slamming the button quieting the antsy alarm.
“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” Lindsey says in a sarcastic tone.
“Good morning, Cinderella.” I bicker back
“ Ha, ha! So funny.” She shuffles from her dresser to her suitcase throwing in random clothes attempting to have some organization. “You should get up and start packing.”
“I will, eventually.”
“You shouldn’t have gone out last night.”
I start to get up wanting to leave. “You know you aren’t my mom.”
"I know I’m not but I care.”
“If you care so much you should shut up”
Gosh! Why are you like this? All you care about is forgetting about the real world and looking good. I don’t know why I am your friend.”
I place my feet on the floor, grabbing my phone getting ready to run. “You’re my friend because you have no one else.” I leave the dorm tired of talking to her. I walk down the hallway feeling my stomach begging to purge last night’s sins. I start to walk faster and faster barely making it to the bathroom as I empty my stomach into the porcelain bowl. Washing my hands with the cheap pump soap, I look at my reflection. I see a messy nest of amber curls, bloodshot green eyes, and makeup streaking my face.

Bzzz bzzzz, my phone vibrates in my hand, I look down to read the screen. “See you in 5 @ usual spot.” I rush down the stairs not caring that I look like I got run over by a car. As I walk I feel the pebbles and soft, green grass between my toes. I make it halfway across campus to our usual spot and see Andy smoking his cigarette with a tunnel of smoke escaping his mouth.

“You look good.” He says sarcastically as he hands me a cigarette and lights it for me.
I blow the smoke out of my mouth. “Thanks…can’t you tell that I try hard.” He laughs his usual deep chuckle that makes you smile even when that’s the last thing you want.
“So…are you ready?
“For Florida?”
“Yes. What else could you possibly is ready for?”
“You’d be surprised.” I take another long drag and exhale once again. “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for Florida.”
“Then why are you going?”
“You know why…I never got an internship for New York…I cant just stare at the same mountains and people in North Carolina all summer.”
“You have me.” he grabs my waste scooting closer to me. We make a long eye contact, that’s uncomfortable for most. He has deep brown eyes that hold so much mystery. He smells like smoke, alcohol, and bad decisions. He leans closer and his soft lips touch mine. He pulls back, “Go take care of yourself for once.” He brushes a strand of frizzy hair out of my eyes.

“I think you should listen to your own advice.”
Standing up he grabs my hands and pulls me up, grabbing my waste pulling me into a hug. “Please don’t do anything stupid.” He kisses my lips one last time and slowly walks away. I watch him disappear into the mountainside. “Oh, how I will miss him.” I think to myself. I walk up to the cafeteria grabbing an apple and then making my way to the dorm room. I bit into the ripe, red juicy apple. I love the taste but my stomach is begging to purge itself again. I wont allow it although it has a mind of its own. I throw the apple into the trash barely making it as I make the slow climb to the fifth floor.

Chapter 2
“Bliss! Wake-up!” Lindsey is shaking me awake
“Ya…one second” I mumble.
“We need to get on the road now if we are going to get anywhere.”
“Ya…” I start to drift away again when I hear Lindsey asking, “Where’s your suitcase?”
“You know that’s good question.”
“Look at you, you’re a mess. You haven’t taken a shower since last night, you haven’t packed…”
I interrupt before she can continue nagging. “Shut-up. I’ll be ready in thirty.”
“Let me help.”
“I can manage on my own but thanks.”
I rush around like a mad woman, trying to pack, take a shower and clean our dorm so it looks decent for the summer guest. I know I...
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