Debit Card vs. Credit Card Which Is Better

Topics: Debit card, Credit card, Money Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 6, 2012
The advantages of a credit card are that you don't have to have the money available at that time to pay for your purchase. You will usually have at least 30 days to pay for the item and even then, based on the terms of your card, may not even have to pay the whole balance.

The disadvantages of a credit card is that it becomes way too easy to use them and run up large balances. Then when it comes time to even pay partial payments it can be very difficult to make those payments. Add to that the finance charges and people with credit cards can run up large debts that they sometimes never recover from.

The advantages of a debit card is that you know you have the money in your account to pay for the item and you don't have to worry about future bills or finance charges. It's as good as cash without having to carry cash around with you.

The disadvantages of a debit card is that if you don't have the money in your debit card account then you can't use it. In a sense it's pretty much the same as if you don't have cash on you.

Many people feel that a debit card is just a compact cash equivalent and doesn't really offer much more convenience than cash. Others feel it is the only sure way to prevent yourself from falling into a financial hole that you may never recover from.

The debates between credit and debit cards will probably go on forever.

So which one is better Credit Card or Debit Card?
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