Advantages of Using Credit Cards

Topics: Credit card, MasterCard, Visa Inc. Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 9, 2010
The most important advantage of using a credit card is convenient. People can use credit card buy anything everywhere. For example, supermarket, drug store, clothes store, shopping center, restaurant….all general place are accepted a credit card. Moreover, people can remote purchase any products that they want, for it enables people to purchase products and services remotely via the internet or phone. When people using a credit card shopping by telephone or in the Internet can speed delivery and simplify a return or exchange. People can shop closer to home.

The second advantages of using a credit card are save time and money. The credit card is really easy to use. You just slice the card and sign your name, and then the transaction will go through. You can use it to pay all the bills such as gas and electric fee, cell phone, home phone, water service, parking ticket and other expenses. For instanced, I use a credit card to pay all the bill on the Internet, so I don’t have to wait a long line, but also I save a lot of stamps too. Also, I can earn some cash back monthly. Many credit cards offer additional benefits such as insurance cover on purchases, cash back, air miles and some store discounts.

Another advantage of using a credit card is international transaction. For example, Visa and Master Card are use for any countries. When you travel to another country, you don’t have to bring money, just bring your credit card. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about you don’t have enough money.
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