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Debate rebuttal for "We should not celebrating Australia Day"

By Hong-Zhu Apr 22, 2015 379 Words
Every country celebrates their national day as other countries in the world. A national day should include everyone and every part in this country. Australia day excludes Aboriginal Australians and celebrates the national day based on the history of the death and dispossession of the Aboriginal Australians which is inappropriate. A day for people to celebrate that they are living in a fantastic country. Also as a sad day for Aboriginal people which the White Australians kill their ancestors. We should make Aboriginal people feel they belong to this country and show our respect to their ethnic group. We should value future and present, not dwell and focus on the past. Australia Day is a day for celebrating we are living in a great country now. e.g. There are many Aboriginal people celebrate Australia Day with family and friends, it is not because they have forgotten about the history but they think there is no value about dwelling in the past. The Prime Minister of Britain Winston Churchill has said, ‘Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.’ Not celebrating Australia day is not dwelling in the past. We are learning from and remembering the history. We shouldn’t let go of our wrong doings from the past and use ‘it’s the history and we should not dwelling in the history and look forward’ as an excuse. Not celebrating Australia Day will not help anything substantial with the Aboriginal people. If we celebrating Australia day, which shows the disrespect to the Aboriginal Australians. Not celebrating Australia day at least makes them feel the society pays attention on them and their ethnic group is being respected. Already have a cultural significance in Australia.

We should start changing it from today. Everything has a start. There is no excuse not to start new things to replace the old things. This is the people’s choice for hundreds of years.
We should start changing it from today. Everything has a start. There is no excuse not to start new things to replace the old things. We cannot force Aboriginal people to celebrate Australia Day. On the other hand, we cannot force non-aboriginal Australians celebrate their national day as well. We should start from the individuals and the government.

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