Debate Outsourcing External Scanning

Topics: Outsourcing, Costs, Environment Pages: 4 (749 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Debate 2

Dear Chairman, members of the Jury and opposition team. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak.

We are here today to propose the following motion:

Service companies should outsource environmental scanning to specialists.

First of all, we would like to clearly define the motion.

Service companies are a company that earns income by performing work or offering expertise to individuals and businesses
Outsource is defined of Having another company perform the entire environmental scan and not just parts of it. Environmental scanning is Monitoring the external environment beyond the competitors and industry in a way it allows the organization to monitor trends, issues and events to find patterns and identify the general opportunities and threats. Specialists are Companies either national or international whose profession it is to scan the environment in general.

We trust service companies should outsource their environmental scanning to specialist who have environmental scanning as their core competency because of the following :

1.Outsource expertise
2.Improve company focus
3.Cost savings

We, as the proposition, would like to elaborate on this.

1.Outsource expertise

-First of all, environmental scanning should be done rather objectively. A good external scan would conclude the same for every company since there is no direction chosen, this means it doesn’t matter in which business the company is in : It’s purely a trend analysis. Only after that, the O & T are clarified regarding the industry.

-Secondly, outsourced expertise has a major advantage, which is that they are not biased by the company itself. People that work for the company automatically have pre-assumptions and focus their attention in a biased manner.

According to, sociologist Robert K. Merton named one of these cognitive biases the self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning that only information that is consistent with their...
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