Environmental Scan

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Environmental Scan Paper


Environmental Scan Paper

Environmental scans play a crucial role in the strategic planning process by helping organizations take a look at their competitive advantages and identify ways to sustain the advantages. Wheelen and Hunger (2010) describes environmental scanning as “the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from external and internal environments to key people within the corporation” (p. 10). Metrics or measuring tools are implemented in order to measure or track the progress of a strategic plan. Internal and external factors help an organization in the decision -making process of its future state. Internal factors surround strengths and weaknesses and external factors identify the potential threats and opportunities outside of the organization’s span of control.

In this paper, the author will describe the research of internal and external environments of OfficeMax and Sprint. This paper will determine the competitive advantages of both companies and what each is using. It will determine how each company creates value and sustainability of competitive advantages through business a strategy. The paper will also explain the measurement guidelines that each organization is using to verify its strategic effectiveness and the effectiveness of the measurement guidelines.


OfficeMax is a leading provider of office supplies, ink, office furniture, and print services. Specifically, OfficeMax offers paper, writing instruments, printers, computers, desks, chairs, copy, and print services. OfficeMax vision focuses on supplies companies need to manage workloads so they can be at the frontline of business. “They are also there to help organizations succeed with top, trusted brands of office products; technology and office furniture that delivers the performance and quality that is...

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