Debate: Advertising and Social Networking

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Social networks are new way of staying in touch with whole word. Public sharing of private lives has
With the evolution of the Internet, the life of a normal man in the towns changed from just a mere worker from a social person, an artificial social person, sometimes a natural social person. Internet changed many things, I am sure I need not speak much about it. But a special innovation which it brought about was the social networking. 

Basically social networking means a way in which one can keep himself connected to his near and dear ones in some way or the other. In the language of Internet, it is the same thing, but it is a similar thing conducted in a different way. Here, it is entirely a different thing. The natural social networking involves media like letter, mails, telegrams, phone calls, but today it includes media like SMSs, e-mails, scraps and what not, there are so many terms. I wanted to take this topic into consideration and after a long time, finally I got into a mood to discuss my thoughts with you all. So, I would discuss about the social networking related to Internet in the upcoming words.  Social Networking, today, has made the life of the Richie riches easier. Those who have nice smart phones in their hands, can easily surf themselves right away. 

However, the medium classes can also enjoy this. People can today keep themselves connected to their near and dear ones all the times. They can easily correspond with them anytime they want to do. With offline messages like scraps and offline chat messages they can easily leave a message to their near and dear ones, asking about their welfare or having an informal chat of any type, anytime. 

Social networking has enabled us today to climb the mountains of connectivity so easily and you know, the best part of it? Most of the online services like chatting, emailing etc are totally free, so even the middle and the low classes can enjoy the services. It is therefore a big merit of this feature that cutting on the expenditure of ISD call rates, we can easily connect to the people of our beats easily, in case they are living in some other country. With the Internet social networking, one can easily present him/her before everyone. What does one need to do? Simply take a stand, spend some 3000-4000 bucks, create your own website, design it, put contents and finally you are done. 

In short, it therefore means that one can stay connected even while sleeping, and today to my surprise, marriages are being conducted with the help of the so called matrimony websites which help us find the guys of our taste and finally we can select the bridegroom or the bride, chat to him/her, have a meet with him/her and finally, the "Just Married" signboard will be on the back of the car. Thus, today, to my surprise, internet socialnetworking is helping people get married even. What not we can do? We can show our videos and songs. 

These were all the merits of social networking, these were simply the pros, not let's have a look towards the cones.  We are presently living in an age where a portion of our lives have become a part of the various social networking sites available on the vast world wide web. With the increasing penetration of these networking sites, a new term has also entered our vocabulary – Social Media. Yes, we are living in the age of the Social Media. According to Wikipedia, “Social Media includes web and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.” News now travels faster than ever before. Breaking news appears first in the Social Media than in traditional mediums like TV and newspapers.  The most famous Social Media platforms now are Facebook and Twitter. The reach of the Social Media has also been increasing manifold over the years. And, interestingly, Social Media has now overtaken pornography as the No. 1 activity on the web!!

Many a breaking news,...
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