Topics: Reality television, America's Next Top Model, Television Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: April 25, 2015
1. Reality TV should NOT be banned!
People think reality TV is all violence it may be but it is good because it shows what people should and shouldn't act like. On the other hand reality TV can be very educational there can be choices that people can look and think about,like jobs,what your future job can look like, what you need to practice before going to experience what you job can or could look like. 2. Allows people to show their talents

Reality TV allows talented young or old people to show the world their amazing abilities. In many reality TV shows, people are competing for a prize - the prize being the opportunity to pursue their dreams. For example, in the X Factor, the prize is a recording contract with a music studio. Reality TV helps the undiscovered become discovered. 3. It's inspirational shows

Reality TV shows can be inspirational in many ways. For example, a reality TV show that expresses inspiration is America’s Next Top Model. Even though not every girl can win, many women have gone off and succeeded in life after with the help of that show, for example, Tocarra Jones did. All of you might be think that the girls in America’s Next Top Model are catchy but then again in this case the girls are in theirselves and have to battle against others to become a winner. According Radford says that the majority of viewers that watch reality TV shows are more likely to inspire leadership. 4. Reality tv shows are real, no script 

Reality shows are not worse or harm. As we know that it just for entertain others and also reality shows are funnier rather than another program, such as scripted shows that the actor / actress have trained and learnt before about what they say when they are perform. It’s really contrast with reality shows because these programs are more authentic. The actor / actress aren’t memorize the line which they say before, so they do in spontaneous and also some reality shows programs, show the fact about life and we can...
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