Death penalty should be allowed

Topics: Crime, Prison, Death Penalty Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: February 13, 2014
Feb 9 2014
Death penalty should be permitted.

If a person is truly guilty of a crime worth the death penalty with solid proof then, should the punishment be executed right away with no appeals allowed. It is true that death penalty has some terrible risk like false accusations, where an innocent life is lost, however it should still be permitted because the guilty deserve a severe punishment. It saves us money, and makes society a safer place to live which gives peace of mind to all the civilians. The death penalty has risks like false accusations; where an innocent person is falsely accused. If this person was given the death penalty, then tragically an innocent life has been lost. There are also arguments stating that death is too good for the worst criminals. “Let them wake up and go to bed every day of their lives in a prison cell.” Many also argue that killing someone is morally wrong and death penalty should not be permitted. However even though there is some truth to these arguments, allowing death penalty will definitely be better for society then not having it. Though false accusation is a bad, its still a better than risking not giving the death penalty to those who are proven guilty. If we let the villain go then and the innocent will have suffer for it! Ted Bundy an american serial killer, rapist,kidnapper, and necrophile who admitted to his crimes right before his death sentence, assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls starting from the 1970s and possibly earlier. After more than a decade of denials and trails against his crime, all he got was time in prison, which he was bailed out of once by his parents, and escaped many of the other times. After he escaped he continued on with his sick crimes; he decapitated at least 12 of his victims and kept some of the severed heads in his apartment, on a few occasions, he simply broke into dwellings at night and bludgeoned victims as they slept. This continued for...
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