Death In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Death, something that comes suddenly, but very seldom is forgotten. How could the downfall of life, something so brief, be lived on through others for so long? A simple thought burned through your mind and soul. As much sadness there is, there is just as much blame. The blaming of someone who had a role in the death. Sometimes this natural accusation is false, but sometimes it is true, like in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Some deaths are by accident, but some accidents can be avoided if they’re thought over a few times. Friar Laurence is the blame for the terrible death of the beloved couple of Romeo and Juliet. Friar Lawrence made the marriage official, which started of the beautiful, poisonous love that will lead to death. He should …show more content…
Once again he relied on Friar John to help him out. Friar Lawrence told Friar John to, “Get me an iron crow,” (V.ii.21). He didn’t go to the tomb until he finished the quick discussion with Friar John, but just a few seconds would have done the trick. If he would have ran to the cell right when he heard the news, he would have made it just in time to stop Romeo’s suicidal death. He was too late; Romeo lay dead with a bottle of poison nearby.
He didn’t save Juliet. He found her in time for her to wake up, but he didn’t force her to come with him. If he couldn’t save both, he should’ve saved as many as he could, but he didn’t save Juliet; instead, he ran away while frightened when he said, “Come, go, good Juliet! I dare no longer stay!” (V.iii.164) Juliet, while mourning, tried to kiss the poison off of Romeo’s lips so she could die too; her first attempt of her desired goal of death failed, so she stabs herself with a dagger. The couple died all because of Friar Lawrence. He messed up and failed to fix his mistakes
The treasured couple of Romeo and Juliet were doomed because of the trusted Friar Lawrence. He unintentionally caused the death of both Romeo and Juliet. With love, the two died together out of desire, for Juliet couldn’t be without her Romeo, and Romeo couldn’t be without his Juliet. Friar was sorry for his abundant mistakes and owned his responsibility of their

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