Deadbeat Dads: the Affected

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Deadbeat Dads: The Affected
Everyone can be affected by the actions of a deadbeat dad. Children of deadbeat dads are the most affected out of all the family members. Children can be affected in many ways which can reflect in their behavior and the way they treat people. Children can also act out by misbehaving around the house to getting arrested for attention because there an absence of a positive male influence. These children sometime become shy, distant and even angry in life, especially when they see their peers with happy families and dads that interact and contribute to their child’s well being. In school poor attendance, grades and behavior are seen more in children with deadbeat dads. If dads were there to encourage their children to get good grades, study hard, graduate and to further their education they will have a better chance in succeeding in life.
Affected children can be extremely attached to their moms or care givers because of insecurities caused from dad not being around. Uncles and cousins that are the closest in age to dad should step in and provide a stable relationship, positive influence and be a good role model which is needed in a young child’s life when the un-fit dad fails at being a parent. There are many types of deadbeat dads. A deadbeat dad is not only a dad that chooses not to be in a child life but a dad that fails to provide materialistic things the child needs, clothes, school supplies and most importantly food and shelter. Dads that find themselves in jail as a result of their own actions and can’t be there for their children, so being in jail is no excuse and they are still considered deadbeat dads. In the circumstance were the dad is in jail the children may look up to them or use them for an excuse when they are misbehaving or getting into trouble, this can only lead them down the wrong path in life., fathers that are not around because they just choose not to be defiantly take the cake of all bad dads out

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