Beating the Statistics

Topics: Mother, Parent, Family Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Heather Rajski
English 093-A5B
Argument/Persuasive Essay Draft #1

               "Beating the Statistics"

     Statistics show eighty-five percent of youth in prison, seventy-one percent of high school dropouts, ninety percent of homeless and runaway children have an absent father. Fatherless children and youth exhibit higher levels of: depression and suicide, delinquency and teen pregnancy, behavioral problems,  illicit and licit substance abuse, diminished self-concepts, and are more likely to be victims of exploitation and abuse (Kruk 49). I believe both parents should be equally responsible in raising a child, physically and emotionally. Both parents should help each other raising a child to set an example of how a family should look like instead of putting everything on just one of them. If both parents work as a team in up-bringing a child it enriches the child's life, giving him or her much more stimulus along with enhancing self-confidence and influences their personality. Ultimately both parents influence the future life of a child and how he or she will perceive the world, along with their levels of happiness, morality and productiveness, and their academic successfulness.      Many studies have been performed to establish the results of raising children in single parent families compared to equally responsibility parenting families on childhood development. For example, research was conducted on children's point of views on equal parenting from split and divorced families the resulted studies known seventy percent of children want equal amounts of emotional and physical attention from both parents ( Kruk 39). Additional studies indicated children who barely spent time with their fathers displayed more behavior and emotional problems resulting also with struggles through school (Kruk 40). Respecting and honoring a child's point of view gives them a sense of purpose therefore validates their importance which essentially boost their...

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