Parents of Prisons

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Parents or Prisons

In Parents or Prisons by Jennifer Roback Morse, she talks about the children that grow up with a single parent or absent parent house, she states that the child is more likely to end up doing a criminal activity. In some of the things I concur with what she says, but there are many things that I don’t agree with the author. It all depends on who the single parent is or where that child grows up, what influences that child has in his or her surroundings, what if his guardians are great parent figures and guide him to the right direction? The author says that "for some people prisons are a substitute for parents" (Morse, J. 2003) when the parents can't control a child or they grow up with no parents and get out of control. I don’t think prison will give a child the appropriate supervision the child needs. Prison has a lot of bad influences that will affect the juvenile in a major negative way. "Prison is a pathetic substitute for genuine parents". (Morse, J 2003)

It always depends on what kind of parents that child has; how those parents raise him and what kind of influence they keep that child away from. If the child lives in a high crime area and he sees criminal activity and his parent doesn’t teach that child why is that wrong or just keeps him away from seeing the crimes, he will be thinking that is the way of life or to survive he has to do those things.

The author talks about the child's conscience, empathy, and self control development. It is important and the parents duties to mold that development of the child while he grows up. A child can grow up with a single parent and be successful. Perfect example is our current President Barrack Obama. His mother took care of him alone while he was growing up because his father was absent and because of his mother is why he is at being our US President. He also knows that there is an importance of an absent father, the importance of that bond that imprints on a child, but it didn't...
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