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                   Fitness Essay                                            
           Staying healthy and fit is very important to any person’s lifestyle. Being healthy is not only good for your body externally but it is also good for your body internally. Your health effects your emotions, the way you interact with others and how you think. From research it shows that most of your self-esteem and confidence can come from how you look. Believe it or not, being more confident about your looks can make you be more outgoing to interact socially with the people around you. As much as staying healthy is important, eating the right foods is also very important. Professional body builders and personal trainers have said that working out and exercising is only 40% and that eating the right foods is 60% of the work to make your body into the ideal type you want.    

          On the first fitness test, I had gotten 34 for the push up, +19 for the flex; 240cm for the standing jump 55 for the sit-ups and a level 7 on the beep test. Knowing myself, I was ashamed at how out of shape I was. I knew I could do a lot better than that and that in the past I have done better. The reasons on why I might have gotten these results may be because of the lack of physical activity I had before the testing. Although the flex, standing jump were on par with the others and a level 4, I was still disappointed since all the other testing results were way below the average. Push-ups were never really a thing for me; I barely ever did pushups except for in testing or in sport practices. For the Flex although I don’t consider myself flexible I got a decent result out of it. In the standing jump I did pretty well but for the sit-ups testing I did terrible with only 55 sit-ups in 1 minute. Although I am able to do sit-ups for a very long period of time, my speed was not efficient enough to bring me to a mark of satisfaction. For the...
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