Dbq of "The Roaring 20's"

Topics: 1920s, United States, Marriage Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Honors American Studies 2 Blk. 1


Document Based Question.
In America, the 1920’s were a time of constant change, and also great conflict and there seemed to be two sides. The side encouraging change and the side repelling even the sheer idea of change. But whether you liked it or not, change was happening all over. Hundreds of new products were being churned out of assembly lines by the minute, and it seemed that everything was feasible with new technology. The economy was booming, and with the help of credit and mass production, even the poorest of citizens could afford goods. Change was every evident in the 1920’s and no matter if it was good or bad, it was necessary for the growth of the United States. Documents A and G both show a side to society that was quite unheard of before the Roaring Twenties: women acting “unladylike”. Document A is a cigarette advertisement from the 1920’s, showing a woman in a skimpy flapper dress claiming the attention of a young man. The slogan on the ad reads “what is more irresistible than Murad?” Document G spectacles a scandalously clad woman, a flapper. The woman’s dress is sleeveless, and is short enough to show her knees. Both illustrations show how women were beginning to escape the shadow of their husbands, and to defy the standards that society had trapped them in for generations. Women were fed up with being the quiet, subdued housewife and were ready to make their mark on the world, no matter what it took to do so.

Another idea that rocked American society was the notion of planned parenthood and birth control. In Document D Margaret Sanger tells of the horrors of premature parenthood and gives countless reasons to avoid becoming a parent too soon. She blames children coming too soon for the “millions of marriages [that have been] blighted”. She resents the idea of marriage being an introductory to motherhood and states that Americans need to understand that the idea of womanhood as it relates...
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