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Roaring 1920s

By klmmy88 May 05, 2013 517 Words
The "Roaring" 1920's
The 1920's was a "roaring" time. It was the time of the culture, sports, music, and several more. Everything was beginning to be put in its place, and peace was comming together. The "roaring 1920's" was one of the best times to be alive.

Music was a huge part of the 1920's, especially jazz. Jazz was the reason that the "flappers" were introduced. Flappers is a term used to describe young girls, still somewhat in the awkward movement who not yet entered womanhood. Flappers were used in the entertainment environment. They dressed up in dresses, feathers, and sparkles. They performed during any jazz mucial. They even sang and danced along to their own songs they made up.

The economy had gone into a huge growth during the 1920s. The growth of consumer goods began to take a role which had everybody being in a comfortable position when it came to finaces. Everybody was at a stable position and nobody was worried about making sure they had enough money to be able to provide food on the table.

Science and technology began to grow. Appliances that we take granted for today were barely being invented. Appliances such as the toaster, refridgerator, televison, vaccuum, and many more. Scientists and inventors were putting these appliances together. Imagine living without television or a vacuum. In 1927, there was a new Radio Control Bill that was sighned. Radio stations were beginning to spring up faster than they could speak. With several conflicting and overlapping vibrations, the radio bill stated each radio station will have their own wave-length determining on their location.

Although the 1920s is known to be the time of celebration and peace, there was also a large amount of murders that were taken place during that time period. In twenty-eight of the leading cities the rate was 12,000 people each year. That was much, much higher than what it was before.

The introduction to the refridgerator enabled people to be able to eat much more healthier and the food was able to have a longer storage life. Alot of time was taken up in preparing and cooking meals. Data from the 1920s showed that it took approximately fourty four hours to prepare, cook, and clean for every meal with a time period of a week. For the first time, people were able to drink freshly sqeezed orange juice. Americans were eating healther, they cut down on carbs and sugar. They began to eat more fruits and vegetables. They were able to begin to grow their own.

During that time, the roads were used only for horses. They began to create automoblies. The automobles allowed Americans to travel further and for a longer period of time. Families were able to go on vacations and travel. They had cars that were in everybodys price range. From the Ford to a Rolls Royce.

The 1920s were by far the "Roaring" years. It was the time of peace, happiness, and entertainment. Technology came alive and better eating habbits were beginning to come. It was a great era.

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