Dawn Foods: Well-Known Brand All over Pakistan

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In this project, we had to visit any food company. After a lot of brain storming, we finally decided DAWN foods. Because dawn is a well known brand allover Pakistan. It has a high ratio of loyal customers mainly due to its quality and taste. The production house of dawn is located in the industrial area of KOT LAKHPAT. We went their with our university’s reference and had a pleasure to meet the brand manager of DAWN Mr. Nisar. He’s working with dawn since the last 3 and a half years. He was very co-operative as he guided us to all the operational processes performed in DAWN. Those seven processes are discussed in detail below.



PRODUCTION PLANNING: we were very pleased to meet the production manager of DAWN Mr. Adnan. He explained the production planning of the company in detail. [pic]

After the buying of material, such as sugar and grains, it is brought to the factory. In the factory, a task is performed for the Quality checking of the material. The company has set standards for every material. After quality checking, if the material is up to the standard then it is stored. If it’s not then it is rejected and sent back. And similarly the contents of the flour are checked to ensure the quality standards.



Dawn Foods has no in between distributor. They have set up their own distribution system. They have the carry cars which are used to deliver the bread to Retailers. They have direct contacts with the Retailers and they deliver all the goods according to the demand. There is a separate plan for the small cities like Sheikhupura and Shahdra. The cars move at 4.am from Lahore’s production house in order to deliever the products in time. Same process takes place for all other small cities all over the country. The distributing system is shown below:



Just like the other companies. The marketing department of Dawn has a lot of tasks as it is one of the most crucial departments of the organization. In DAWN, Marketing Dept has to do the following tasks.

• Packaging is the duty of the marketing dept. they remain in the market, they are well aware of the customers strength and weaknesses. So according to the market, they make suitable packages which can attract customers.

• Market situation:
There is no department which is better aware of the the market then the Marketing department. They have the best information about the market’s boom or downfall. They bring the important ideas to tackle the market situation.

Customer’s feedback is the tool which has a very big impact on the marketing dept of any organization. So, the customer’s feedback is taken and examined by the marketing dept. by this, they get to know the customer’s liking and disliking. If a customer is not appearing interested in any product, then the marketing team will have a focus on that product to ensure its sales.

The complaints are overviewed by the marketing dept. if there is a complaint about any product, it gets reported straight away. The production department is told about the complaint and the team puts a special effort to overcome the reason.

When we talk about marketing, the thing which knocks our mind are the 4 p’s. We have discussed them as follows:

➢ PRODUCT: The product (DAWN BREAD) has the main focus on kids. Kids normally use bread in their meals many times in a day. They use ingredients which are very necessary for the nutrition of the kids. They import some of the ingredients. They prepare a very thick and compact web so it could benefit the children.

➢ PROMOTION: Promotion is undoubtedly the most important responsibility of the marketing dept. different strategies are used for the promotion of the products. The team has the task...
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