Database Management

Topics: Health care, Health informatics, Medicine Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: October 27, 2014

To:Technical Services/Logistics Manager
CC:Employees of Taylor Ambulance
Date:10/8/2014Re:Data Collection Standards
Importance of Data Collection
As we are all aware, health care has drastically changed and keeps changing. Many have embraced this change, however, several are still skeptical of these changes due to the availability of health care information and health data that is so candidly available. The collection of health care data is vital to the nation’s health care organizations. Data that is collected from each individual patient is essential for purposes of increasing awareness of diseases, sickness of specific race or authenticity, dangers of long-term use in medications or lifestyles. An enormous amount of research for specific cures is based on the data that is collected from health care organizations. There are also government organizations that will pave the road for programmers to be able to develop the framework of the database. The data that is collected from an electronic medical record system is imperative in supporting new knowledge of the manner in which a person’s health can be prolonged, or even saved. This memo is to provide you and your company an overview on the sources required to achieve and collect health care data. Several specifications are necessary to reach our goal in collecting individual data from patients. We must have the ability to pull data from several different sections in the medical chart. This includes any diagnostic tests, results, medications, medication interactions, radiology reports, blood tests, as well as billing and insurance information. Some of the challenges that the programmers face is the ability to standardize the health care data and to ensure the user fill the fields that are essential to capture the specific data. Two of the several necessary fields are the gender/sex and race/ethnicity fields that can be filled by user who takes the initial intake...

References: Uniform EMS Data Element Dictionary Format. (2013). Retrieved from (2013). Retrieved from"Cchit", 2013).
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