Data Communications from Early Man to the Modern Day

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Data Communications

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Communications is an essential part of our daily lives and has being an essential part of how man has evolved since the origin of the human species. The means in which we communicate with one another has vastly developed since the dawn of time. Man has always needed a way to communicate a message with one another no matter how simple or complex the message was. This need to communicate is why data communications have developed into the endless different means that are available to us today. Many of the different ways we communicate have only been developed and made available to us in recent history especially if you consider how long the human species has been around. On a basic level communications can defined as a process of sending a message or data from one point (sender) to another point (receiver). The origins of communicating can be traced back to early man. The first way humans communicated with one another would have been through speech and development of languages that were used to convey a message to one another. Other examples of early mans ways of communication include fire which was used to highlight a person’s position, smoke signals were often used to communicate messages, drums have been used in Africa for several thousand years some drums could be heard for several miles. Languages developed into writing such as cuneiform one of the earliest known forms of writing as well as Hieroglyphs and Petroglyph’s which used symbols, paintings and engravings in the process of communication. Many different forms of writing and writing materials writing for communications were developed through the ages until the modern alphabet which is most widely used form of writing today. What messages were written and graphically displayed on evolved from rock walls and stone plinths to papyrus to the invention of wood pulp paper. Messages could then be sent by horseback an early form of courier or postal service over long distances with the development of materials such as papyrus and eventually paper. Although the origins of communication can be traced back thousands of years data communications only truly began to develop advanced means of communicating data in the last couple hundreds of years. Many experts opinions are divided as to when the true origins of data communications began but the majority agree that the origins date back to the early 19th century. Dr. Carl Rebman, professor of Data Communications and Computer Networks at the University of San Diego defines data communications as "Any process that permits the passage from a sender to one or more receivers of information of any nature, delivered in any easy to use form by any electromagnetic system." Therefore by his definition of data communications it would put the origins around the time that electromagnetism was discovered and when electromagnetic systems such as the telegraph system (1830s) were developed. From here up on till the present day numerous means of communications have developed that have allowed us to communicate data in a faster and more efficient way as mans need to communicate has driven the human race to continually develop more advanced means of communicating data.

Models of Data Communication

Many models of communication have been developed over the years to aid and explain the concept of communication. One of the first models of communication was developed by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle’s model of communication was developed around the concept of delivering a message to large group of people (public speaking). There are 5 basic elements to Aristotle’s model of communication the first is the speaker. The speaker plays the most important role of all the elements because the way in which the speaker delivers his message will affect the proceedings parts of the communication...
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