Dark Knight of the Soul by Richard Miller Qsr 2

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The Dark Knight of the Soul

Questions for a second reading

2. Throughout Miller’s essay, he follows a similar format in the way he states his opinion about the connection between reading and writing to his readers. With every subheading, he tells a story of the influence of reading and writing on the protagonist of each story. Every subheading begins with the introduction of the protagonists through the final outcome of their actions. For example, the first story of the two boys, Harris and Klebold begins with the revelation of what they have done—murdering fifteen people with weapons they created on their own. This knowledge to create such weapons and to follow through with such an act is all blamed upon technology such as the television and the internet. Then Miller gives information about similar events of teenagers being responsible for killings throughout the US. And he goes on to unveil the boys’ characters and look into discussing why the protagonists did what they did, and end with a statement that Miller wants to make by presenting what the protagonists learn or achieve from their actions. Towards the later subheadings, Miller uses the same format, always ending with a statement or a realization: "We live in the Information Age and all the information is telling us that whatever we have done, whatever we are doing, and whatever we plan to do will never have any lasting significance.", "He believed he was alone. He believed he owed no one anything. He believed he was free." "Even if it's a lie, the lie Karr tells herself at the end of The Liar's Club is a lie that keeps her inside the realm of social relations, helping her make what she can of what life has put before her." and so on.                    Miller’s perspective on the practice of humanities is “the movement between worlds, arms out, balancing” or “making the connections that count”. The worlds that Miller mentions are the world of reality and idealism. In the stories he...
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