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Diplomacy means the resolution of problems in foreign policy within peaceful methods and negotiations ways. Diplomat or representative means the person and institution which has been in this process. Qadesh Treaty of Hittites is the first known written diplomacy sample. Type of diplomacy are as below;

Bilateral diplomacy,
Multilateral diplomacy,
Conference diplomacy,
Parliamentary diplomacy,
Summit diplomacy.

Diplomat or bureaucrat is the person who applies the diplomacy. Diplomats visit other countries to apply diplomacy and represent their own countries in politic, military, art and business areas. State can withdraw the whole ambassadors and officials and other stuff in aggressive state in case of a war. Diplomacy is a tool to apply policy. It depends on the foreign policy. It includes four different meaning in dictionary as treaties, representatives, respresentative duty and the community of foreign officials. In Oxford dictionary, conducting international relations with negotiations and govern them is the duty of a diplomat. According to alternative definitions, an example from Ambrose Bierce it means ‘the ability to tell a patriot lie fort he sake of country’.


Niccolò di Bernado dei Machiavelli is Florence philosopher, stateman, military strategist, poet and scriptwriter who is assumed to be the establisher of history and political science. He is among the most important figures in Italian Renaissance movement. In his most famous work, Prince, he examined the rule of government and protection of it without religious or ethic worries for the firts time in politic history. Throughout his life, he struggled fort he unity of Italy. His ideas are seen as the reflection of a totally negative and unprincipled political greed in political literatüre and ‘Machiavellism’ turned into an accusive policy as “everything is allowable for an aim” rather than a thought system. Big philosophers like Diderot, Rousseau, Fichte and Hegel tried...
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