Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Knowledge Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 12, 2014
Understand How to Set Up a Home-based Childcare Service
Unit code: CYPOP 5
QCF level: 3
Guided learning hours: 29
Unit summary
To prepare learners to work as home-based child carers/childminders. As well as learning relevant aspects of childcare this knowledge based unit supports the development of policies and procedures relevant to registration Unit content

1 Understand how to set up a home based childcare service

Current legislation covering home-based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies
Developing policies and procedures
Importance of confidentiality and data protection
Develop marketing and financial plans for own home-based childcare service: Sources of support and information for the setting up and running of home based childcare business.

2 Understand how to establish a safe and healthy home-based
environment for children
Key components of a healthy and safe home-based environment: • meeting requirements for Early Years Foundation Stage;
• providing a stimulating and enabling environment, providing for children’s developmental needs;
• providing a physically safe environment;
• meeting children’s emotional needs; providing appropriate routines for children; know why accidents happen and how to prevent them
Principles of safe supervision of children in the home-based setting and off site:
• treating children as individuals;
• recognising individual needs and abilities;
• providing appropriate levels of supervision;
• risk assessments and home safety
• how to store and administer medicines:
3 Understand the importance of partnerships with parents for all aspects of the home-based childcare service

parents are the child’s first and main carer and educator; strong partnerships promote emotional security and development of child; sharing of information helps to provide best care, support transitions, and support the settling-in process;

following parental wishes with regards to feeding, sleep...
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