Cypop Childminding Course Unit 2 Accidents and Emergencies

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A policy – is a written statement about how you will work in one area of your practice

A procedure are the actions you will take to carry out the procedure.

They should be clear and simple. Your policy should start with a short, clear statement, eg:

POLICY : “It is my policy to keep children safe when they are in my care”

PROCEDURE: List the things that you will do to ensure that this statement is met. Say HOW you will do them and WHEN.

You need to think about your practice and premises and make it individual to you and your home.



Parents are asked to sign an accident book if injuries occur whilst in my care. Also if a child should come to the Nursery with an injury of any kind, the parent will be asked to sign the book reporting the injury. If a child has an accident at the Nursery, he/she will immediately be taken to see a doctor at Arundel Surgery – or hospital if necessary. Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. I am a qualified paediatric first aider. If I have more than 1 child in my care, I will use my best judgement as to how other children will be looked after. You would be consulted about this by phone. There is a parent ring round provision in the event of an emergency to inform all parents of children under my care.


In the event of an accident I will:

• deal with any minor accidents.

• write all information, including names of witness(es), in the accident book.

• get parents, on picking up their child, to sign the accident book and read the information regarding the incident.

In the event of an accident in the home:

• Parents must inform me of any accident at home and record it in the back of the accident book.

If I should see evidence of injury on a child which has not occurred whilst in my care and I have not been told about, parents will be asked for information on the incident and instructed to write in the back of the accident book.

Illness Policy and Procedure

I must have current and up to date emergency contact information for you.

I will do everything I can to take care of your child if they are feeling poorly by comforting them and giving them appropriate medicine you have approved.


You must inform me if your child has been ill overnight or the previous day. I might have other children I am taking care of and need to ensure your child is not contagious.

Medicines will be kept in a safe place and will be logged in the ‘medicine book’. However, if you child arrives ill, I will take a decision as to whether the child is fit to attend or not. If not, the parent will be asked to take the child home. If a child becomes ill at Nursery, I will take responsibility for informing the child's parents and they will be asked to collect the child.

If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will contact you for agreement to administer ‘calpol’ and if your child remains ill after one hour you will be asked to collect your child and make a doctors appointment. Whilst I appreciate the dilemma for working parents when children are ill, I will ask you to keep your child at home until they are recovered so that the child can be cared for on a one to one basis.

I realise that all children have minor illnesses that do not prevent them from attending, however, in the following circumstances children might be asked to stay at home: Diarrhoea and/or vomiting, a rash, conjunctivitis. Infectious illness. I will ask you to keep your child at home if they are suffereing from chicken-pox, mumps, measles. etc. Fever or temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees centigrade or over.


Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. In the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, I will try to inform the parents immediately...
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