Plan For An Outing With Service Users

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Plan for an outing with service users

List of some accidents or illness that might occur

Asthma Attack – An asthma attack is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms caused by the tightening of muscles around the airways Diabetes - Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly Heart Attack - A heart attack occurs when blood flow to part of the heart is blocked, often by a blood clot, causing damage to the affected muscle. Stroke - A stroke is a serious, life-threatening medical condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off.

Procedures to follow in event of an accident or illness

Apply your First Aid training, follow organisations' Policies & Procedures e.g. complete an Accident/Incident Form, record in individuals' file

List of principle’s to follow for safe moving and handling

Check the care plan and safety guidelines
Never manually lift a service user unless you have to
Assess the service user and check for any changes in their condition Plan the task adequately before you start moving them
Explain what you are going to do and obtain their cooperation and consent Use the appropriate handling equipment when necessary
Prepare the handling area and watch out for hazards
Give clear instructions to service user and other carers
Your feet should be apart, in the direction of movement, with your weight balanced between them. Take a firm, comfortable handhold, keeping elbows close to your body Always lean in the direction you are pulling, pushing or sliding Use your body weight to move the service user

Bend your knees not your back, and look forward to help keep your back naturally straight Avoid twisting

Importance to follow care plan when moving and handling

The level of assistance individuals need in moving and achieving the correct position can vary from needing help to get out of a chair to being completely dependent on...
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