Cyp Core 3.7

Topics: Family, Emotion, The Child Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 14, 2012
CYP Core 3.7: 1.1: Factors that affect outcomes for children

1.1 The environment in which a child lives has a significant impact upon their life chances. Complete the spider diagram below by identifying the social, economic and cultural factors that have the most impact upon a child and investigate relevant websites to source facts relating to these factors. An example has been done for you and you can use some of the websites that have been given to you by your tutor.

1.3 million Children live in severe poverty in the UK. This means that their family lives on £7,000 a year or less. Addictions

Can lead to children possibly being abused by parents, lack of money for the family as it is being spent on the addiction and possibly leading to the child copying the parent or carer. There would also be lack of attention to the child and this could effect its health. The child may feel unloved, isolated and very distressed. Addictions could also lead the child to have bad attendance at school or nursery.

Can lead to the child becoming confused and frightened that they may go to heaven. It can also lead to emotional and physical health issues and could also lead to the child not speaking. The child’s well-being can be affected by a loss and also how the parents are coping with it can affect how the child copes too. The child may feel as though something is missing and this could lead to depression or other certain disorders. The child may feel like there is a hole in their heart.

Social and economic factors
Can lead to children not being able to make relationships with others and if they can this may be harder for them. They may have separated parents and this may also have an impact on how others treat them. Social and economic factors can be a problem to children if they live in a particular area or the type of family you are from. This could lead to bullying, no confidence and low self- esteem; it would also lead you to having bad...
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