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Bullying has always been a nuisance to society and has left its mark on many people around the globe. Bullying involves a person physically or verbally harassing another person face to face. However, a new form of bullying has emerged in the past few years in the form of cyber bullying. The dangers of cyber bullying are just as dangerous as traditional bullying. Mostly teenagers are affected by cyber bullying but on the internet, anybody of any age or gender can also be affected. The effects of cyber bullying are very harsh as 2 students have already committed suicide among many others because of getting bullied on the internet. Cyber bullies do not understand what kind of effect they might have on their victim so they have no remorse for their actions. There are many ways to deal with cyber bullying; one method is to inform local authorities if the issue is serious. Another method is to tell your parents, friends or school counselor about the matter. The method to choose varies on the severity of the cyber bullying issue. Although cyber bullying is considered a serious crime in many places, some people argue that it is there freedom of speech which allows them to post anything they want online. They believe that getting the government involved will just be taking away their freedom of speech. In the end however, people who use the internet or any other technology should be aware of dangers such as cyber bullying. It is wise to keep oneself updated to deal with such delicate situations.

What is cyber bullying?
In recent years a new form of bullying has emerged, cyber bullying. Bullying involves a person physically or verbally harassing another person; however, cyber bullying is not an act committed face to face. “Cyberbullying involves sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the Internet (e.g., instant messaging, e-mails, chat rooms, and social networking sites) or other digital communication devices, such as cell phones” (Feinberg & Robey, 2009, para. 4). Since cyber bullying is relatively new, there are not many laws to protect people from becoming victims of such acts. It is often neglected and not taken seriously by parents, teacher, school principals and the government around the world. It would seem that the problem does not appear to be as dangerous as people might think, but is it really safe to not have new laws immediately passed to prevent cyber bullying and bring cyber bullies to justice? People against laws for cyber bullying:

First off, not everybody agrees that the government should intervene and pass laws against cyber bullying. Some people believe that it is their right to post anything they wish on the internet. They believe that it is their freedom of speech which allows them to post or say anything online via cell phone or through the internet. However, these people do not realize how serious a small case of cyber bullying can manifest into. How damaging is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is just as dangerous as a person getting bullied physically or verbally. There have been a few cases where victims have even resorted to committing suicide to escape their bullies, just like with normal bullying. Though the act of cyber bullying is being committed online, the effects are just as dire as traditional bullying.

The main problem with cyber bullying is the anonymity the person has behind the keyboard or even a cell phone. The person can bully his/her victim over the internet or mobile without the other person knowing who it is. It makes it very difficult for people to deal with this issue since they have no clue as to who might be the culprit. The bully could be someone real close to the victim without them even knowing about it. “Although bullying and relational aggression among students are longtime concerns, the elusive nature of cyberbullying compounds the difficulty of identifying harmful behavior and intervening to stop it” (Feinberg & Robey, 2009, para. 2)....

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