Social Networking Cons Essay

Topics: Bullying, Sex offender, Identity theft Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: May 7, 2013
As of today, NetPop Research announced approximately one hundred forty six point five million U.S. consumers to be users of social networking sites. Yet, how many of these 146.5 million Americans are actually the ones being used? How many are aware of it? These trusted websites have proven to be and are practically breeding grounds for infringements of basic safety and dangers to your person; cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and identity theft being a few to name.

In the past, we and our minors have been familiarized with the issue of bullying at schools, workplaces, and other populated settings. However the calamity has never stopped growing and has spread to an even more adaptable environment, the Internet, specifically social networking sites Surveys by indicate that over 50% of adolescents have been cyber bullied, 10 to 20% are cyber bullied routinely. Consumer Reports has reported one million minors to have been cyber bullied on a social networking site just last year. It is not merely frequency we should be concerned about but also the severity of the consequences. The National Crime Prevention Council disclosed that victims of cyber bullying will most often experience a drastic deterioration in academic performance and self-esteem as well as depression and even suicide. Efforts to amend this situation are insufficient and for the most part barren, seeing as only one in ten victims will report being cyber bullied to their parents or guardians, and only roughly 7% of American parents are concerned at all regarding online bullying. Cyber bullying and its vicious nature will continue to be a normality as long as there is social media.

As proven, the breaching of one’s personal safety is nowhere near an improbability, but is not restricted to cyber bullying but also harassment, sexual harassment being the most perpetual within social media. According to the Sex Offender Registry Learning Center, there are seven hundred forty...
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